AfricaNow! November 22, 2017 The Political Situation in Zimbabwe

AfricaNow! November 22, 2017

Topic: The Political Situation in Zimbabwe

Topic and Guests: On November 21 the Speaker of Zimbabwe’s Parliament read President Robert Mugabe’s resignation letter.  This was all part of a busy two-week period politically in Zimbabwe: earlier on November 6 Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa was fired by then-President Mugabe from his post.  The following week on November 14 and 15 the Zimbabwean military moved into the capital city Harare and detained President Mugabe and his family in his official residence; and other government officials were arrested in what it called “Operation Restore Legacy.”  This is just a brief overview of the recent political activity in Zimbabwe.  

Joining AfricaNow! to fill in the blanks and provide context in the situation in Zimbabwe are Mr. Nii Akuetteh, independent Africa analyst and former Executive Director of African Immigrant Caucus in Washington, DC; and Mr. Netfa Freeman, Analyst and Events Coordinator with Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), who has many years of experience in the Pan-Africanist movement. 

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