AfricaNow! August 23, 2017 Elections in Angola and Remembering Dick Gregory

AfricaNow! August 23, 2017

Topics: Elections in Angola and Remembering Dick Gregory


Topics and Guests: Today, August 23, in Angola, general elections were held.  For the first time since multiparty process commenced in Angola in 1992 the name José Eduardo dos Santos does not appear on the ballots.  Dos Santos has been president of the country since 1979 following the death of first leader of the country Agostinho Neto.  There were six parties contesting for the elections; the main contenders are: the governing MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola) led by João Lourenço; the main opposition party UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola) led by Isaías Samakuva; and CASA-CE (Broad Convergence for the Salvation of Angola – Electoral Coalition) led by Abel Chivukuvuku.  The other parties are FNLA (National Front for the Liberation of Angola), PRS (Social Renewal Party), and APN (National Patriotic Alliance).  Joining the show to discuss matters surrounding the election process and other issues in Angola is Mr. Florindo Chivucute.  Mr. Florindo Chivucute is the founder and Executive Director of Friends of Angola (FoA) and Radio Angola, and Co-founder of the United Network Transition (UTN).   Since founding Friends of Angola in April 2014, he has led the design and implementation of four projects in Angola: Radio Angola (an online radio station hosted by Florindo); Strengthening Nonviolent Civic Engagement Among the Youth; Strengthening Democracy in Angola Through Community Journalism; Zuela Application – a pro-democracy and social networking smartphone app focused on fostering good governance, eradicating corruption, monitoring elections and human right violations and more. Mr. Chivucute is currently working at Pennsylvania State University as an International Student Adviser. 

Comedian-activist Dick Gregory joined the ancestors on Saturday, August 19th, 2017 in Washington, DC; he was 84 years old.  Today AfricaNow! features a couple of recordings of Baba Gregory. First the show presents Dick Gregory discussing the presidency of Richard Nixon in 1970; the source of the recording is Pacifica Archives.  Then AfricaNow! plays Dick Gregory at Amandla Festival in Boston on July 21, 1979.  Mr. Gregory was on stage before he introduced Bob Marley and the Wailers at the Amandla Festival in Boston on July 21, 1979.  The Amandla Festival of Unity was held to support and celebrate the liberation of Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.  The festival also highlighted the on-going efforts of people in Boston to end racism in their families, schools, workplaces and communities. AfricaNow! also features “Ballad for My Father” Ayanna Gregory’s tribute to her father Dick Gregory. 

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