AfricaNow! July 19, 2017 Riffing on A Blue Nite

AfricaNow! July 19, 2017

Topic: Riffing on A Blue Nite

Topic and Guest: “Spirit on the run is the nomadic search for self as we move from holy space to secular ground or vice-versa, in search of destiny…. peace … and love … In essence it remains the challenge of being exiled … through self-accommodation or political urgency … These conflicting experiences have heightened in the 20th and 21st Century [Centuries] as people move daily from the periphery to the metropole or from a national geographic matrix to a compelling global identity … We have become Nomads … by force or by choice … and the social adjustments to this lifestyle has been both challenging and catastrophic … Riffing on A Blue Nite references the complexities of this experience, with special emphasis on the enslavement of African people who were brought to the New World … the Americas, where they have struggled to define themselves by recreating light … exorcising terror … And restructuring an identity crafted through the creative ingenuity … and their instinctive determination to be free …Independent … and sovereign. …”  That is from the introduction of Riffing on A Blue Nite...Sometimes I Wander by Acklyn Lynch. Riffing on A Blue Nite is simultaneously an autobiography and the biography of a people.  Dr. Acklyn Lynch deconstructs the impact of racism, religion, politics and culture from the Caribbean to Latin America and the U.S., while also tracking his personal trajectory from the exile experience to the status of global citizen. 

Dr. Acklyn Lynch, is a published author, scholar, professor, activist, music and art lover, promoter, and organizer.  Trinidad-born Acklyn Lynch, is a distinguished scholar, activist and expert on international politics.  He engages others with ideas on globalization, history, music, literature and athletics.  Dr. Lynch has spent decades as a university professor, community activist and art collector.  Dr. Lynch taught at many institutions including Howard University, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Vassar College, Medgar Evers College, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and University of Michigan.  Recently Acklyn Lynch presented his book Riffing on A Blue Nite...Sometimes I Wander at Sankofa Video Books & Café in Washington, DC—here is Dr. Lynch being introduced to the stage by Ms. Eurica Huggins Axum, Co-Founder and Director of International Affairs, African Diaspora Ancestral Commemoration Institute (ADACI).

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