AfricaNow! June 14, 2017 Human Resistance Through Art and Culture

AfricaNow! June 14, 2017

Topic: Human Resistance Through Art and Culture

Topic and Guest: Today's AfricaNow!'s topic Human Resistance Through Art and Culture with Dr. Sionne Neely, Co-founder and Co-Director of ACCRA [dot] ALT, and co-founder of Chale Wote Street Art Festival highlights how cultural activists are decolonizing minds. The discussion centers around the philosophy behind the Chale Wote Street Art Festival—an alternative cultural, arts, music platform which takes place annually in Accra, Ghana. Dr. Sionne Neely is a womanist researcher, writer, teacher and multimedia producer. She is co-founder of ACCRA [dot] ALT, an independent arts network in Ghana. She also served as co-producer of the Voice, Power, and Soul: Conversations from the 4th African Feminist Forum.  Also featured on the show is a portion of a 1990 speech by Kwame Ture on "Pan-Africanism and the New World Order".

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