AfricaNow! April 26, 2017 Africans Rising Part 2; and Celebrating National Poetry Month

AfricaNow! April 29, 2017

Topics: Africans Rising Part 2; and Celebrating National Poetry Month

Topics and Guests: Today's AfricaNow! features a conversation between AfricaNow!’s Executive Producer and Co-Host James Pope, and Mr. Kumi Naidoo, Africans Rising’s Launch Director and AfricaNow!’s Executive Producer and Co-Host James Pope. Last week the show aired a discussion between AfricaNow!’s James Pope, and Mr. Taye Balogun Filmmaker, Campaign/Policy Manager/Activist of Africans Rising. The grassroots initiative Africans Rising which will be launched worldwide on May 25—on African Liberation Day. Africans Rising for Justice Peace and Dignity describes itself a peoples’ movement committed to a de-centralized, citizen-led future that builds support and solidarity for local struggles, empowers local leadership and bolsters activists in the grassroots work of building and sustaining movements for change.

To commemorate National Poetry Month, AfricaNow! features poems by South African poet Mr. Torsten Tebogo Rybka taken from a presentation after Mosaic Theater’s performance of A Human Being Died That Night at the Atlas Performing Arts Center. Mr. Torsten Tebogo Rybka, on stage is known as Clear, is a lyricist, photographer, producer, mentor, and poet born in Ga-Rankuwa, South Africa and raised by his parents and siblings. Since 2007 he has been part of and a leader in many art movements and poetry societies in the City of Tshwane, South Africa. In 2014, he started a poetry movement known as “U R WHAT U SPIT” with the aim to make social change through the medium of spoken word poetry and music. In 2013, he released an EP consisting of 7 tracks (4 hip-hop tracks and 3 spoken word poems). That EP gave him a break through to perform on stages such as “The Night of the Poets” at the South African State Theatre, Department of Arts and Culture events, and other poetry movements in and around Tshwane. A year later he released a single spoken word track “Walk a mile in my shoes,” and in the following year released the hip-hop single “Why I Write.” In 2016 Clear produced, directed, and performed in a feature-length poetry production titled “Speaking from Experience (Growth)” at the South African State Theatre, with accompaniment by a jazz band and four vocalists, as part of the poetry incubator program at the South African State Theatre. He is a rising star of Tshwane’s spoken word scene and in 2017 is traveling to the United States for the first time to perform in and tour Washington, DC. (Bio from…eace-Caf%C3%A9) The featured poems by Clear are “Against All Odds” and “Lost Continent.”

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