AfricaNow! April 19, 2017 Africans Rising; and Wisdom of Afa

AfricaNow! April 19, 2017

Topics: Africans Rising; and Wisdom of Afa

Topics and Guests: Today's AfricaNow! features a conversation between the show's Executive Producer and Co-Host James Pope, and Mr. Taye Balogun Filmmaker, Campaign/Policy Manager/Activist of Africans Rising. This is the first part about the grassroots initiative Africans Rising which will be launched worldwide on May 25—on African Liberation Day. Next week AfricaNow! will share part two of the conversation about Africans Rising featuring Kumi Naidoo, Africans Rising’s Launch Director. Africans Rising for Justice Peace and Dignity describes itself a peoples’ movement committed to a de-centralized, citizen-led future that builds support and solidarity for local struggles, empowers local leadership and bolsters activists in the grassroots work of building and sustaining movements for change.

As AfricaNow! continues to highlight the International Decade for People of African Descent with the segment spotlighting Afa Priest Simeon Banka of Togo. Hounon Simeon Banka discusses the wisdom, tradition, culture, universality of Afa, at an event sponsored by the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), The Yoruba Cuba Association, the Cultural Organization of the Union of Afrodescendant Heritage (UNIAFRO), and AFRORAPA. This topic is presented as a follow-up to AfricaNow!’s earlier conversation between Dr. Kola Abimbola, associate professor of philosophy at Howard University, and AfricaNow!’s Executive Producer and Co-Host James Pope on deep traditions of African thought and its relationship to the physical and nonphysical world. Translating for Hounon Simeon Banka is Gimena Sanchez-Garzoli, Senior Associate for the Andes at Washington Office on Latin America.

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