AfricaNow! March 22, 2017 Immigration Executive Order and Travel Ban; and Autonomous Community Development in the DRC

AfricaNow! March 22, 2017

Topics: Immigration Executive Order and Travel Ban; and Autonomous Community Development in the DRC

Topics and Guests: Today AfricaNow! begins with a conversation with Mr. Samuel Yagase—a key player in mobilizing rural communities for local development mainly in Tolaw, Isangi Territory, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The discussion focuses on failure of development aid in not paying more attention to local assets; and how the population with their own initiatives in the DRC can be masters of lasting solutions for change in the country.

Mr. Samuel Yagase is the founder of the organization Group of Village Organizations for Self- development (known by its French acronym GOVA) that works on promoting local initiatives and leadership. He is very committed to improving matters related to local governance in the DRC. Mr. Yagase is interested in fighting against injustice (especially traditional customs that discriminate against women) and fighting for the promotion of human rights. He works on promoting dialogue and collaboration between the two medicines (Traditional and Modern). He is the initiator of the Solidarity Fund for the fight against sleeping sickness in Isangi.

Soon after its inauguration in January the Trump administration quickly issued an immigration and travel ban executive order which sparked widespread criticism and protests domestically and worldwide due to the discriminatory nature of the action. This led to judges blocking the January and March immigration executive orders and travel ban. The revised executive order was in fact blocked hours before being enacted. Recently members of the African immigrant community and others in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area participated in a town hall to discuss concerns associated with the immigration executive order and travel ban. The event was presented by Act4Accountability, Africa Action, Congressional Africa Staffer Association (CASA), Young African Professionals Network (YAP DC), African Immigrant Caucus (AIC), Eritrean Diaspora Network (EDN), African Communities Together (ACT), and the Republic of Sierra Leone Embassy. Here is an extract of that event featuring Mr. Ronald L. Newman, Director of Strategic Initiatives at ACLU; and Ms. Fatmata Barrie, Esq. an advocate, a community organizer and an immigration attorney. Other presenters at the town hall not included in the extract: Ms. Hiwot Berihun, Esq., Ms. Sade Oshinubi, Esq., Mr. Edward Neufville, III, Esq.

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