Africa Now Dec. 28, 2016 Self - Naming As Resistance

Africa Now December 28, 2016

Topic: Self-Naming As Resistance

Topic and Guests:  Today Africa Now! continues to spotlight the International Decade for People of African Descent which is from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2024 with Dr. Ng?g? wa Thiong’o and Dr. M?cere M. G?thae M?go commemorating the 40th anniversary of their play The Trial of Dedan Kimathi. Released in 1976 when both professors were at the University of Nairobi, The Trial of Dedan Kimathi is the response to colonialist writings about the freedom movement in Kenya and its leader Dedan Kimathi. In their discussion, the noted professors focus on the act of naming and self-naming. Dr. Ng?g? wa Thiong’o concentrates on the politics of memory and the effects of name imposition on the psyche of colonized people. Dr. M?cere M. G?thae M?go looks at the politics of renaming and self-naming as continued forms of resistance of colonial imposition. The conversation recently took place at the 59th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association in Washington, DC.

Dr. M?cere M. G?thae M?go, Emeritus Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence, Syracuse University; past Chair, Department of African American Studies, Syracuse University. Dr. M?go is a poet, playwright and literary critic who has published 6 books, 8 co-edited supplementary school readers, 3 monographs and edited the journal, Third World in Perspective. Her publications include: Writing and Speaking from the Heart of my Mind (selected essays and speeches); Art, Artists and the Flowering of Pan-Africana Liberated Zones (monograph); My Mother’s Poem and Other Songs (poetry); The Long Illness of Ex-Chief Kiti (play); Daughter of My People, Sing! (poetry); Visions of Africa (literary criticism); African Orature and Human Rights (monograph); Gik?y?, Shona and Ndebele Ethics and Aesthetics (monograph); M?thoni wa K?r?ma--Mau Mau Woman Field Marshal: Interrogating Silencing, Erasure and Manipulation of Female Combatants’ Texts (monograph) and The Trial of Dedan Kimathi (play, co-authored with Ng?g? wa Thiong’o). Professor M?go is a recipient of numerous honors. Renowned novelist, essayist, playwright, journalist, editor, academic and social activist Dr. Ng?g? wa Thiong’o is a Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Irvine. Professor Ng?g? wa Thiong’o has authored numerous publications since the 1960s such as Weep not Child, A Grain of Wheat, Petals of Blood, Wizard of the Crow, Globalectics: Theory and The Politics of Knowing, In the In the Name of the Mother and Birth of a Dreamweaver: A Writer’s Awakening. (Source: 59th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association program book)

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