Africa Now December 14, 2016 Africa and The International Criminal Court

Africa Now December 14, 2016

Topic: Africa and The International Criminal Court

Topic and Guests: December 10 was Human Rights Day which commemorates the day on which the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.  To spotlight this occasion, Africa Now! today will focus on the International Criminal Court (ICC) and Africa.  The ICC came into being in 2002 following the adoption of the Rome Statute in 1998.  Of the 124 states that are Party to the Statute, 34 are from the African continent—the biggest regional block represented; China, Russia and the U.S. are not Party to the Statute.  The ICC was established to serve as a permanent international tribunal that would investigate and prosecute perpetrators of crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes.  In recent weeks, the ICC has been in news because Burundi, The Gambia and South Africa have decided to pull out of the ICC.  Today Africa Now! focuses on the history and structure of the ICC, and the concerns raised by several African countries and other observers that all but one of the court’s 10 investigations have been in Africa; and the undermining of the ICC by powerful countries.  Joining Africa Now! to discuss this issue are Mr. Nii Akuetteh and Dr. Gnaka Lagoke.

Mr. Nii Akuetteh is an independent Africa policy analyst based in Washington, DC and is former Executive Director of African Immigrants Caucus.  He was formerly the Executive Director of Africa Action and former director of OSI West Africa in Nigeria.  Prior to that he was a Georgetown University Adjunct Professor of African Affair and former Research Director at TransAfrica Forum.  Mr. Akuetteh appears regularly on various media outlets such as Al Jazeera, BBC, CCTV, NPR, The Real News Network and more.  Dr. Gnaka Lagoke is a specialist in African political affairs, issues of African development, Pan-Africanism and Ubuntu Philosophy. Dr. Lagoke is a professor of African history and world history in the Department of History and Political Science at Montgomery College (Maryland), and the founder of “The Revival of PanAfricanism Forum” (, a public forum which engages a permanent conversation on Africa and issues of the world and African Union from a PanAfrican perspective.  He has appeared on several international news organizations such as Voice America, Russia Today, HispanTV, Australian Broadcast Corporation, Democracy Now, Al Jazeera, CCTV, TVC News. 

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