Africa Now October 5, 2016 Land Grab in Africa; Hispanic Heritage Month; and South African Musical Group Mafikizolo

Africa Now October 5, 2016

Topics: Land Grab in Africa; Hispanic Heritage Month; and South African Musical Group Mafikizolo

Topics and Guests: The dictionary defines land grab as: “a usually swift acquisition of property (as land or patent rights) often by fraud or force.” (Source:  Today Africa Now! continues to highlight this issue.  In past the show has focused on the plight of people in countries such as Liberia and Colombia, where multinational corporations have acquired huge tracks of land with little transparency in the transactions to produce palm oil.    These actions have displaced farmers who have depended on the soil for many generations.  The Oakland Institute—an organization working on the issue concerning land grabbing—states that “203 million total hectares of land (over three times the size of France) acquired in the developing world by international investors from 2000 to 2011.”  Oakland Institute’s recent publication Miracle or Mirage? Manufacturing Hunger and Poverty in Ethiopia reports that the Ethiopian government by 2011 “had earmarked 3.6 million hectares for large-scale agriculture, and recently announced that over 11.5 million hectares are available to investors…Tens of thousands of farmers and pastoralists have been forcibly resettled through the government’s ‘villagization’ program to free up fertile lands for investors. With their traditional livelihoods destroyed, many people now rely on food aid for their survival.”   Joining Africa Now! to discuss the issue of Land Grab in Africa is Mr. Bahati Jacques.  Mr. Bahati Jacques is the Policy Analyst at Africa Faith and Justice Network.  Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he witnessed the invasion of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda from 1996-2000 and worked in the field of post-war relief. He co-founded the Association des vieullards abondonnes (Association for Abandoned Elderly [AVA]) which addresses the increased number of elderly people begging on the streets of Bukavu during the conflict in DRC.  Since joining AFJN, he has written and spoken in different circles across the US on the socio-political issues of the DRC, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi.  He is the author of a number of policy papers and has appeared in various media outlets.

Africa Now! also features a commentary on Hispanic Heritage Month by Mr. Oscar Fernandez, Host and Producer of Latino Media Collective on WPFW, Fridays 1-2PM.  Another comment on the National Hispanic Heritage Month by Mr. Roland Roebuck, Afro-Latino Activist.  Africa Now! spotlights one of South Africa’s great musical group—Mafikizolo, the duo consisting of Theo Kgosinkwe and Nhlanhla Nciza.  Their music not only attracts attention in South Africa but in other parts of the continent as well.  As you heard in the announcements Mafikizolo will be in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area on Friday with their distinctive style and music.  WPFW’s Interim Program Director Ms. Katea Stitt interviewed the four-time winners of Group or Duo of the Year from the South African Music Award at the Cape Town Jazz Festival.  In the conversation Mafikizolo members Mr. Theo Kgosinkwe and Ms. Nhlanhla Nciza talked about the formation of the group; their struggles at the beginning of their careers; the importance of being Africa artists; and the activist spirit of young South Africans. 

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