Africa Now September 7, 2016 The Ousting of Dilma Rousseff, and African Heritage Month

Africa Now September 7, 2016

Topics: The Ousting of Dilma Rousseff, and African Heritage Month

Topics and Guests: Today is Brazil’s Independence Day—on this day in 1822 the country declared its freedom from Portugal. This year the occasion is being marked with protests by many Brazilians who feel that the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff last week was a coup or at best a “soft coup.”  By a vote of 61 to 20, the Brazilian Senate on August 31 voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff and her Vice President Michel Temer assumed her office.  Rousseff was charged with manipulating the budget—a charge by most seen as not an impeachable offense.   More than half of those voting to impeach Rousseff are themselves implicated in various corruption charges.  Dilma Rousseff is not implicated in personally benefitting in the corruption scandal currently embroiling Brazil.  To dissect the environment surrounding the ousting of Dilma Rousseff, Africa Now! talks to Mr. Paulo Rogério who is in Salvador in the state of Bahia, Brazil.   Mr. Paulo Rogério Nunes is an Afro-Brazilian activist.  He was an Ashoka Fellow, and a blogger and writer for the Americas Quarterly Magazine. He has studied in the United States as a Fulbright Humphrey Fellow at the University of Maryland focusing in journalism and new media.

September is African Heritage Month in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Yesterday September 6 the County Executive Mr. Isiah Leggett issued the Proclamation for African Heritage Month at an event co-presented by the African Affairs Advisory Group.  The theme of the month is “Our Diversity, Our Strength.”  The county was one of the pioneering jurisdictions in the U.S. to proclaim African Heritage Month in 2008.  The month will be filled with community activities and events celebrating African culture and heritage.  Africa Now! just had a discussion with Mr. Daniel Koroma about the African Heritage Month.  Mr. Daniel Koroma is Community Outreach Manager, Liaison to African and Caribbean Communities Office of Community Partnerships, Montgomery County.  Mr. Koroma has worked with the many non-profits in the Washington DC area and sits on the Board of the Smithsonian National Museum of Africa Art.

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