Africa Now June 1, 2016 Palestine, Black Solidarity, and the Role of Hip Hop

Africa Now June 1, 2016

Topic: Palestine, Black Solidarity, and the Role of Hip Hop

Topics and Guests: One of the many goals of Africa Now! is to provide a platform for engaging young activist to talk about and address issues that are relevant to their lives.  Today Africa Now! features a program that was developed by a student-activist with our guidance, Jaquial Durham.  Mr. Jaquial Durham is a rising senior majoring in Africana Studies.  

The Israel-Palestinian conflict is the longest, ongoing hot-and-cold war of the 20th and 21st centuries. According to, Eve Spangler’s book Understanding Israel and Palestine: Race, Nation and Human Rights in the Conflict It has produced the largest community of refugees in the region, as well as generating one quarter of all refugees worldwide. The creation of the state of Israel triggered intense and bitter violence between the Palestinians and the new state and its Arab neighbors.  This conflict has been catastrophic.  During the early part of the conflict at least 50 percent of Palestinians were expelled from their homes, and most of their towns and villages and virtually all of their cities within reach of the Israeli armies were destroyed. Many more were crowded into refugee camps, not only in the West Bank and Gaza, but also in the surrounding countries: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. In the Gaza strip and West Bank, over 2 million Palestinians are currently defined as refugees.  Nevertheless, with every trauma to a people.  Art and creativity is heightened and can be capture, particularly in the form of hip hop, in this case Palestinian hip hop.  Similar to the US. on-going conflicts specifically with African-Americans, Hip Hop has been used as a tool of resistance. The Palestinian hip-hop community encompasses Palestinian artists from Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, surrounding countries and the worldwide Palestinian diaspora. Much Palestinian art became more systematically a platform for the nationalist resistance movement.  Continuing with Africa Now!'s Hip Hop as Critical Consciousness Series today the show intends to move conversation further by exploring the Israel-Palestinian “complicated” topic, beyond its’ surface.  

Joining Africa Now! in this conversation is Dr. Christopher Emdin who is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology at Teachers College, Columbia University.  He also serves as Director of Science Education at the Center for Health Equity and Urban Science Education. He is co-creator of the hash tag HipHopEd social media movement, and a much sought-after public speaker on a number of topics that include hip-hop education, STEM education, politics, race, class, diversity, and youth empowerment.  

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