Africa Now May 11, 2016 Brazil--Forces Behind the Political Crisis

Africa Now May 11, 2016

Topics: Brazil—Forces Behind the Political Crisis

Topics and Guests:  Today May 11 the Senate of the Brazilian national assembly votes on whether to start an impeachment trial against President Dilma Rousseff.  This follows the Lower House’s vote for impeachment on April 17.  President Rousseff is being accused of manipulating the budget.  As Mark Weisbrot of CEPR noted in his opinion piece “Brazilian Coup Threatens Democracy and National Sovereignty” in The Huffington Post on April 14 that “she is accused of an accounting manipulation that somewhat misrepresented the fiscal position of the government — something that prior presidents have done.”    President Dilma Rousseff is not implicated in personally benefitting in the corruption scandal currently embroiling Brazil.  So what is the real story behind the impeachment proceedings against? Who are the forces behind this action?  Joining Africa Now! from Brazil to dissect the political crisis in Brazil is Ms. Edna Thomaz Rodrigues.  Ms. Edna Thomaz Rodrigues is an Afro-Brazilian social activist and is President of African Diaspora Ancestral Commemoration Institute (ADACI)—Brazil.  Ms. Rodrigues is one of the key individuals who has been in the forefront of the Afro-Brazilian consciousness movement for more than 20 years.  Also featured is a representative of the Brazilian union CUT.

Africa Now! continues to focus on the forces behind the political crisis in Brazil.  The show spotlights a discussion which occurred yesterday, May 10, entitled “Brazil’s Democracy at Risk: The Hidden Causes and Unforeseen Consequences of a ‘Quick-Fix’ Impeachment Process.”  The panel was presented by Brazilian Expats for Democracy in Washington, DC and the AFL-CIO.  The panelist you are about to hear is Dr. Mariana Joffily, Associate Professor, History Department, University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.  In this extract Dr. Joffily connects what is taking place in Brazil today with past attacks on democracy; and history of marginalized people in the country particularly African descendant population.  Also on the panel were Mr. James Early, Former Director of Cultural Heritage Policy at the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage at the Smithsonian Institute; Mr. Alex Main, Senior Associate for International and Policy Research (CEPR), and Dr. Ricardo Carneiro, Executive Director for Brazil, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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