Africa Now April 27, 2016 South Africa Freedom Day and Beyond

Africa Now April 27, 2016

Topic: South Africa Freedom Day and Beyond

Topic and Guest:  Today is Freedom Day in South Africa.  Twenty-two years ago today (on April 27, 1994) South Africa held its first non-racial multi-party elections ushering in the end of decades of apartheid, and centuries of systematic, official marginalization and oppression of the majority population.  This year on June 16 marks the 40th anniversary of the Soweto Uprising that was critical in the struggle against apartheid.  Africa Now! will now have a conversation on South Africa today and beyond in the context of Soweto, the youth-led Rhodes Must Fall, Fees Must Fall movement and the Nkandla case affecting President Jacob Zuma.  Joining Africa Now! for this conversation is Mr. Reed Kramer who was recently in South Africa.  Mr. Reed Kramer (photo below) is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of AllAfrica Global Media, a systems technology developer and leading distributor of African news and information worldwide; in partnership with over 130 African media organizations.  Previously, as president of Africa News Service, a non-profit U.S.-based agency producing award-winning news for broadcast and print media, he established Africa News Online.  Mr. Kramer has reported for the Washington Post, Le Monde Diplomatique, Christian Science Monitor, National Public Radio and the BBC and has served as a news consultant and guest for CNN, the NBC Today show, Al Jazeera and the NewsHour on public television.      

Also featured on Africa Now! today is a poem to commemorate National Poetry Month “Africa” by Sabrina Amanda Tambala, a Malawian high school student living in Zimbabwe, with a passion for poetry and spoken word.  She is currently working under the Cultural Arts Company, Team Revolution Music. Sabrina is well known for her powerful spoken word piece called "Beautiful Mirrors."  She has performed at various events such as weddings and youth gatherings. She has also performed at Book Cafe in Zimbabwe. Sabrina Tambala recently performed in Malawi as a prelude poet, promoting Qabaniso Malewezi's spoken word album "People."    

Africa Now! also takes this opportunity to pay tribute to four musicians or rather cultural icons in the African World who have recently joined the ancestors: Prince, Papa Wemba, Billy Paul and Getachew Mekurya.   These Ambassadors of Culture for African peoples worldwide—revolutionized their craft and used music for social commentary.  May they REST IN POWER!  We honor these cultural ambassadors with a track by Papa Wemba “Esclave” (Slave) by Papa Wemba where he asks Africans worldwide to reflect on their African heritage.

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