Africa Now April 13, 2016 Stateless Dominicans, Filmfest DC, Poetry & Jazz

Africa Now April 13, 2016

Topics: Stateless Dominicans, Filmfest DC, Poetry & Jazz

Topics and Guests:  As we have previously reported, the Dominican Republic in a 2013 court ruling—judgement 168/13—stripped the citizenship of children born of foreign parents in the country going back as far as 1929.  Following the court ruling a law was passed in 2014 that stated foreign-born workers had to register or risk deportation.  Following a fact finding trip to the Dominican Republic, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in February this year published the Report on Human Rights Situation in Dominican Republic which stated that “The situation of statelessness generated by judgement 168/13 that has not yet been completely corrected after the measures adopted by the Dominican State, is of a magnitude never before seen in the Americas…. the Commission urges the Dominican State to adopt the necessary measures to prevent judgment 168/13 from continuing to have legal effects and to fully restore the right to nationality to all those affected by the said judgment….” (From Press Release 10/16--IACHR Publishes Report on the Human Rights Situation in Dominican Republic, February 9, 2016)  A few days ago Africa Now! had a conversation with Domincan activist Mr. Beneco Enecia discussing the situation confronting Dominicans of Haitian descent on being stateless in their own country.  Mr. Beneco Enecia is Director of the Center for Sustainable Development (CEDESO), an organization that advocates for citizenship recognition of Dominicans of Haitian descent.  CEDESO is also part of Dominicanos por Derecho, a coalition of organizations that work to defend Dominican nationality rights for Dominicans of Haitian descent.  Born in Batey 7, Mr. Enecia became involved in promotion of the rights and development of communities in the southwest of the Dominican Republic and in the border with Haiti at 14 years old.  After finishing university and teaching for 5 years in his native Batey, Mr. Enecia began an intense advocacy effort for the recognition and integration of batyes in public policy planning process of the Dominican State.  In 2006, he was elected the first mayor of Batey 8, an opportunity that allowed him to promote the participation and rights of Dominicans of Haitian descent.  Mr. Enecia was briefly in Washington, DC last week.  The translator is Mr. Sebastian Bernal, Program Assistant, Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA).

This month is Jazz Appreciation Month, National Poetry Month and if you are in the Metro DC area you know that the month is also graced by Filmfest DC.  April marks the 30th anniversary of Filmfest DC—Washington DC International Film Festival.  For 30 years Filmfest DC has brought the varied stories of the world on the big screen to Washington, DC.  Filmfest DC takes place from April 14 to the 24 with 75 films from 35 countries on six screens.  Joining Africa Now! today to discuss Filmfest DC is Mr. Tony Gittens, the Founder and Director of Filmfest DC.

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