Africa Now October 14, 2015 Reflections on the Million Man March; and Miners Shot Down-Film on The Marikana Massacre

Africa Now October 14, 2015

Topics and Guests: Reflections on the Million Man March; and Miners Shot Down—Film on The Marikana Massacre.

Hundreds of thousands gathered on the National Mall in Washington, DC on Saturday, October 10 for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March organized by the Nation of Islam and the Honorable Louis Farahkhan.  Some the issues highlighted at the "Justice or Else" rally included police human rights violations against the Black communities, economic empowerment and unity within communities, the plight of Native Americans and the discrimination of over 200,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic.  Africa Now! Host Mwiza Munthali is joined by the show’s Executive Producer Dr. James Pope and Mr. Netfa Freeman, Host and Producer of Voices with Vision on WPFW (Tuesdays 9:00 to 10:00AM) and Events Coordinator at Institute for Policy Studies. 

Three years ago on August 16, 2012 the world saw images from South Africa reminiscent of the days of apartheid: police shooting at striking mineworkers in Marikana who were seeking better working conditions and wages.  The attack led to the deaths of 34 mineworkers.  The film Miners Shot Down by Rehad Desai tells the story of the Marikana massacre from the point of view of the Marikana miners.   Miners Shot Down has won 19 awards including the 2015 Panafrican Film and TV Festival (FESPACO) Jury Prize; it has been shown in 76 festivals in 37 countries. The film has just been nominated for an International Emmy® Award.  The Daily Maverick of South Africa says “Miners Shot Down will come to be seen as one of the most important physical remembrances, not only of the lives of the men who were killed, but also of a shameful and cowardly chapter of our recent history.”  Joining Africa Now! today is Rehad Desai director of Miners Shot Down.  Director Rehad Desai is a Cape Town born filmmaker who returned from exile in 1990 and now lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has conceived and produced over twenty documentary films, many of which he directed or co-directed such as: Dilemma, Born into Struggle, Bhambatha - War of the Heads 1906, God Is Rain. Six of these films have been feature length documentaries, produced with significant international participation and receiving critical acclaim and wide festival take-up.

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